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The event is cancelled!

Welcome to the Treehouse, a live stream for people to chill out and talk about lisp and gamedev. The stream happens every Sunday evening and can be watched at It is streamed to Twitch and YouTube simultaneously, so you can get notifications there. I expect these streams to usually be around two hours long.

The streams are archived on YouTube as well, if you can't make it live.

All kinds of viewers and chatters are welcome; even if you don't have much knowledge in the topics being discussed. Don't worry, I don't really know much myself. The purpose of the Treehouse really is primarily to just have a relaxing weekend and to do some coding on the side.

We'll primarily be working with tools made by Shirakumo, particularly the Trial game engine project. It's entirely possible that we might dabble in other technologies at some point as well, though.

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